Biofarm Košík, District Nymburk

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You really want to know what a gastronomical experience is? With us you will find it! The Farm lies on the outskirts of the rural village of Tuchom. Here is also located our guesthouse with it’s typical restaurant. This place is a paradise for lovers of gastronomical and home-made “slow food”. This little garden of Eden in Central Bohemia with herds of sheep can not miss on the menu the “brynza” dumplings, gnocchi with smoked ham and pickled cabbage or really old fashioned Slovak cabbage soup, where the "spoon stands in the pot", roast lamb and other local Czech specialties.

Our home cooking is your home cooking, therefor the dimensions and the capacity of the restaurant is limited. Due to the great interest and success is a reservation especially in the summer season necessary. The advantage is that the menu can be arranged with the “Chef” and is directly ready for you at the appointed hour.

Beside this possibility of having your own meal choice we have a variety of standard meals that we have always ready in case you just spring in during your summer bike tour, a walk in the forests or just an evening out with friends.

Everything is based on our Master Chef, Mr. Václav Košnář, recently awarded the Plaque Chef of the Year. Mr. Košnář gave our restaurant style - focusing on Czech and Slovak cuisine, selection of recipes and the method of serving. This is connected with the overall decoration of the tables corresponding to the occasion and the season. . As an appetizer, a popular cheese board consists exclusively of cheeses made on the farm.

Our team under supervision of Mr. Václav Košnář is happy to serve you and make your day just a perfect day. To book your lunch or dinner, please call directly the kitchen team on telephone number 325 514 850 or e-mail us. We will always confirm the appointment by e-mail.


Traditional offer
Cheese plate (for 2 persons) 185 Kč
Slovak Cabbage soup (small / large) 65/85 Kč
“Brynza” gnocchi 120 Kč
Gnocchi with smoked ham and cabbage 120 Kč
Home lamb specialties 340 Kč
Roasted duck 320 Kč
Home made crumpets with elderberry jam 65 Kč

Our offer changes by season and inspiration of our chef.

Reservation is neccesary, please call 325 514 850.

This way you can make an order for a dish of your wish.